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What are E-Tunes                                                                   
E-Tunes are midi files (sound files) which play on your computer. Most computers have sound players to play midi files.
(i.e. Windows Media Player is installed on computers running Windows 98, XP, Vista, Windows 7 etc.)

Why have E-Tunes
with an eBook?
If you need the instrumental tunes for the "old favorites", the familiar songs to which our songs are sung, then our E-Tunes are for you.
Many customers need resources immediately and appreciate having the tunes for our songs sent via e-mail with their eBook purchases.

How are E-Tunes delivered?
E-Tunes are delivered via e-mail with your order - no waiting! (small files sizes transmit readily)
Download them to your computer and open them right away to hear the tunes while you view the eBook on your computer.